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Welcome to DragonHive Solutions! 


The FLS Pattern Designer is an add-on for our FiveM Lighting System.

The pattern designer allows administrators and vehicle creators to easily create, modify and export FLS pattern configurations, removing the necessity to even open any JSON or XML files to make your cars realistic, beautiful and of course lit up like a christmas tree! 

All parts of the lighting configuration and sirens can be edited via a sleek, uniform and user-friendly interactive menu in-game! Allowing you to preview your changes LIVE as you make them!


DragonHive Solutions are pioneers in the world of FiveM resource development. We make high-quality and stress tested resources for all kinds of servers. With a focus on roleplay enhancement, our resources immerse your players in a whole new world of roleplay.  As the natural successors to IIS, we strive to provide high performance but high functionality resources for all. All scripts we sell have been stress tested with resource monitoring and we always strive to best our competitors on performance.  Join our discord server today to receive announcements and the latest updates on our latest resources and releases.